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CirroLytix is powered by a multi-disciplinary team of consultants, data scientists, marketing experts, creatives, and data engineers. We come from various walks but united by a singular passion for all things data.

We are proud to be one of the first companies to pioneer analytics freelancing in Asia-Pacific, with more than 50% of our work outsourced to part-time and remote work freelancers. If you feel this is for you and you have something unique to add, please get in touch with your CV at We value hands-on experience over paper credentials and certifications. We are also on the lookout for any of the following expertise:

  • Database Management and Data Modeling – SQL and Python skills. Experience with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Analytics and Machine Learning – Python, Advanced Excel, and Knime skills. Applied knowledge in:
    • General linear models
    • Distance and density-based clustering models
    • Multi-dimensional scaling and principal components analysis
    • Discrete and continuous time-decay and survival models
    • Time-series modeling
    • Graph theory, networks, and event analysis
    • Geospatial applications
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Computer vision
  • Software and Web Development – Back-end development on PHP and Python, front-end development on Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Data Visualization on Web – Javascript charting, d3.js, plotly, chart.js


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