Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver value to society by helping researchers, brands, and organizations effectively harness the data value chain.

We help our clients steer clear from the hype and unnecessary complexity around data science, business intelligence, AI and machine learning. Our client network includes small and medium enterprises, multinational brands, government, educational institutions and non-profit organizations across a wide variety of industries and functional areas.

Our approach to data is firmly grounded on client objectives and actionable outcomes and we deliver data solutions built around solving a concrete business problem leveraging proven analytics methodologies and technologies.

We are also committed to growing the analytics ecosystem in the Philippines and actively support data and analytics freelancing to democratize the use of data for society.

The CirroLytix Story

In 2012, Harvard Business Review broke the now legendary story about Data Scientists as the sexiest job of the 21st Century. This article kicked off a massive hype bubble around “Big Data” and “Data Science” that now also includes terms such as “Machine Learning, “Deep Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence”.

Despite the growth of interest, we noticed that companies continued to struggle to leverage data for their needs. The amount of data being produced by business definitely grew, but the value from data did not. At the same time, numerous companies, consultants, and agencies started appearing purporting to know strategies to leverage data and offering various types of training courses. Companies would (expensively) realize that many of these firms were nothing more than salesmen taking advantage of the marketing hype around data. Worst of all, the “experts” were obfuscating “data science” to a complexity that most business leaders would never appreciate. 

We founded CirroLytix to provide a viable alternative, to respond to the growing need for real-life practitioners to help break the hype and finally provide clients with what they need: data-driven value without artificial complexity. Data is not easy to tame, but in practical and knowledgeable hands it can be a powerful tool for change. In all our engagements we have helped brands, researchers, and organizations simplify what seemed esoteric. Throughout this journey we have been met and joined by many like-minded collaborators all looking to break the data mysticism and bring things back to hard reality. 

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