We believe in making data simple.

That’s right—simple.

We could woo you with complex algorithms and industry jargon, but we won’t. (Exponential smoothing, anyone?)

We’re here to solve real problems.

And there’s three ways we can do that:

Analytics Use-Case Consulting

We don’t jam square pegs into round holes.

Before talking tools and technologies, we zero-in on key opportunities and issues. This approach has allowed us to develop specific data and analytics use-cases for clients in different industries and business functions.

Data Analytics Masterclasses

People are the most vital part of the Data Value Chain.

Our masterclasses provide practical hands-on training focused on use-case understanding and in-business execution. Each class is designed to foster data expertise by teaching both techniques and concepts in data analytics.

Analytical Software Development

Analytics is more than pretty pictures and buzzwords.

We help clients close gaps and remove bottlenecks in their Data Value Chain by developing applications for sourcing, extracting, curating, consuming, and analyzing data.



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