Who Killed Analytics?

Solve the data mystery.

Picture that you are part of a big data investigative team formed by your company’s CEO and you have one mission: discover who has killed the analytics in your firm.

Just a few months ago everything seemed on track in Company X. The CEO had announced that your company had embarked on several ambitious projects to bring the company’s operation to the digital age.

Several initiatives had been launched: consolidating data in a data warehouse, implementing business intelligence and predictive analytics tools, hiring new staff and consultants to train and evangelize everyone in the company of the merits and advantages of using data and analytics in operations and decisions. In the span of a few months, business analytics, financial forecasts, recommendation engines, and data mining activities were all in full swing. Company X was going to conquer the industry, using data as a weapon for competitive advantage.

Then suddenly, information ceased to flow in Company X. Reports stopped being produced, data was now impossible to extract, and no new business insights could be generated. Business was grinding to a halt and the CEO and board were furious.

As part of the big data investigations team, you round up the list of people who were recently involved in the flurry of big data and analytics initiatives in the company. In the tradition of the renowned board game Cluedo – by process of elimination you now need to interview and identify how analytics died in Company X from among the suspects.

Fortunately a few individual dossiers exist and you now begin the tedious task of piecing together the mystery of the missing information.

Published by

Dominic Ligot

Founder | Trainer | Fintech | Analytics