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HR Analytics

5 Use-Cases For Better Productivity


Big Data B-Movies

Data Stories That Should Scare You


Who Killed Analytics?

Solve The Data Mystery


Dysfunctional Analytics

How do you know if your analytics is failing?


AI vs. Creativity

Why the “Fight” Hurts Marketers


Using Data for Human Resource Management

How to Stop Losing Good People to Hidden Figures


Data Fairytales

The Princess & The P-Value


Business Analytics Masterclass

Not another generic analytics training


Data Scientist or Know-it-all?

The Importance of Domain Expertise in Data Practice


Marketing Analytics

6 use-cases for better ROI


Left-brained vs. Right-brained?

The brainless AI vs. Creativity Debate


Financial Analysts

They could've been the first data scientists


Building Better Analytics Teams

What makes a good data team?


Welcome to the CirroLytix Blog

Our passion is data and anaytics. Here we share essays, updates, and perspectives on world of data science, machine learning, analytics, and big data.

We value the journey as much as the destination and the conversations as much as the conclusions.
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Data Fables

We all learned a lot from children's tales and some data stories are just too strange they have to be couched in myth and legend.
Learn from the cautionary tales we've harvested that all remind us that we're not quite in the Fourth Industrial Revolution just yet.

Let us know if you have a data fairytale worth sharing and we will happily blog it here.

Data and Analytics Use-Cases

Data is not the mysterious cure-all to your business problems that the data gurus, analytics ninjas, and digital sherpas would have you believe.
Here we talk about real-life and practical uses for data that we we can all relate to, including ways to implement them.

If there is a use-case you have heard about and would like us to share, let us know.

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